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Kaitlyn Forsberg & Nick Coppola — Minted

Kaitlyn Forsberg


Nick Coppola

Kaitlyn Forsberg and Nick Coppola
Kaitlyn Forsberg and Nick Coppola

Please join us for our wedding celebration in Kaneohe, Hawaii on

Our Story <3

Kaitlyn and Nick first met during their freshman year of high school back in 2013. They were both fourteen at the time and were taking AP Human Geography class together. Two years later, they started dating when Nick asked her to be his girlfriend after we went mini-golfing.
Fun fact: Nick asked Kaitlyn to the homecoming dance every year of high school, and she finally said “yes” right after they started dating in 2015! (can you tell Nick added this lol)

After high school, Kaitlyn and Nick both studied (a lot) at the University of South Florida. While in college, they did undergrad research, went pumpkin-picking every fall, spent a month studying abroad in London learning about art, and even helped build a playground. In 2021, they both graduated with engineering degrees (Kaitlyn was Computer Science, Nick was Chemical Engineering).

In early 2022, they moved from Punta Gorda, Florida to Plano, Texas for Kaitlyn’s job. A few months later, they moved to Schaumburg, Illinois for Nick’s job! Kaitlyn is able to work remotely most of the time and is now based out of Chicago. They currently live in an apartment together with their miniature dachshund, Loki! In their spare time, they enjoy trying new restaurants in Chicago, getting boba tea, hiking, cooking new recipes, weightlifting, walking Loki, gaming, and going to the movie theater. Kaitlyn and Nick got engaged on October 16th, 2022 at Maple & Ash in Chicago, a day before their seven-year anniversary!
Fun Fact: Their first “date” was watching The Maze Runner at the movie theater, but that was actually a year before they got together!